Every school day, from Makati, I drop my kids off in San Juan and go back to Makati to go to work. It’s a  crazy route that I have chosen everyday because I wanted to spend more time with my kids.

There was a time when I used to pass by McDonald’s almost  everyday and get us cheesy eggdesal with hot chocolate until I couldn’t take another bite of cheesy eggdesal anymore and so I switched to sausage mcmuffin hahaha

Anyway, One day, my husband, a struggling vegetarian, decided to try Vegefoods, a vegetarian canteen we pass by everyday at Luna Mencias just at the edge of P Guevarra.

They have 3 choices of viands for breakfast. You can choose white or red rice. Although, red they say is healthier, I still prefer white rice. Rice and 1 viand ia at PHP 60.

They also have an ample selection of breads. I tried their mini banana bread loaf for PHP 32. It looked dry but it was actually quite soft and moist.

They also have soya milk but only my daughter and husband like that stuff. I tried their chilled taho for PHP 12. The soya was firmer and the caramel was  not too sweet.

We bought one kilo of tapa which wAs less than PHP 200.

Overall, this is definitely a better alternative to eggdesals and mcmuffins.