Classes were suspended last Thursday for National Day of Protest but work was not. The kids, probably out of boredom, decided last minute to tag along when their Dad was about to leave to pick me up.

Both kids were in their house clothes and slippers and they stayed at the back of the car without the yaya.

They picked me up around 5 and we decided to just eat out as it was still early. We were undecided where to go though.

Finally, BGC was the destination of choice. We went around Burgos Circle and spotted Locavore.

Parking was not a hassle but going to Locavore from the parking was tricky because it has already started to rain.

Good thing there was no waiting time and no dress code at Locavore so my kods, in their pambahay and tsinelas were allowed inside.

It was my first time in Locavore. As you enter, there was a DJ’s booth and the music was playing loudly. It was obviously a place where people go to unwind and have drinks.

Nevertheless, there were also a couple of families like us who have tagged along their kids but none in their pambahays like our kids šŸ˜‚

My husband, a struggling vegetarian, ordered gising gising and I ordered mami for the kids. For myself, I ordered beef ribs sinigang thinking it was soup. Turned out, it was sizzling dish with some sort of gravy.

For dessert, we had leche flan and chocnut sorbetes which was a hit with the kids.

The food was good buta bit on the pricey side at least for me šŸ¤‘