There’s a portion of Makati that has somewhat been turned into Chinatown with lots of establishments that are frequented by Mainlanders.

We have tried a couple of Chinese restaurants along Yakal and this time, we wanted to try another one on the other side of Buendia, Happy Hotpot.

Without waze, it would have been harder to find this place. We went there dinner time on Friday night. Parking was not a problem at all. When we got there, there was only one table occupied but after about half An hour, the place started to get filled by mainlanders. We were the only locals there.

Order taking was done through an iPad which was pretty cool. If you’re interested to try some dish at the restaurant at the ground floor, you can too.

We opted to just focus on the hotpot. We had the double soup with the spicy and plain soup and ordered shrimp ball, tofu and veggies. They have a bar like set up where you can choose from a wide range of condiments.

They also have a good selection of Chinese drinks.

Of all the Chinese hotpot place we went to, this was by far the cleanest and most oeganized. The downside is that, this was also the most expensive. For the two of us we paid PHP 2,000 which was already 4 heads at an unlimited hotpot in tenka.