Yakal has been slowly becoming Chinatown with a long strip of Chinese restaurants in the area. These are restaurants that have Chinese menus that may or not have any English translations and are owned by Chinese mainlanders that may or may not speak English or Tagalog.

Haosun Hotpot is the second of this kind of restaurant that we have tried in Yakal, the first one being Eastern Spicy Cooking.

We went here for our Friday date night. It was funny because the husband’s get up was fit for a fancy restaurant yet we ended up here.

For some reason, as far as Chinese restaurants go, the filthier the place is, the better their food is.

Our table still had mini pillows and blankets and we’re almost sure, the olace also doubles as the owners’ residence.

There were only 2 groups in that restaurant that night, us, and a group of Indians behind us.

Their menu was interesting but in the end we decided to try the hotpot.

The waitress came out with one giant basin! It was scary big hahaha. We opted for the spicy soup and the usual balls and veggies. The soup was superb but the balls honestly tAsted like plastic.

Price wise, it was  little over PHP 1,500. We plan to come back to give their other stuff a try. They have lunch sets for less than PHP 200.