My husband has a favorite tita (also my favorite in law) who lives in the states. Every july, she comes home to manila and spends a full month with family. Her stay would almost always be a trip to the salon in the morning, and a date with the slot machine at night. Solaire was always the nightly destination because of overflowing drinks.

Before her flight back to the US, we all had lunch at Chef Jessie at the Rockwell Club.

It was my first time to try it there and it was a very pleasant experience. I liked the relaxed ambiance, with nice comfortable chairs and a nice view of the pool.

I had a hard time choosing from the menu and so I ended up opting for the set menu.  I fet like indulging that day and so I went for the steak menu.

At first glance, the portions seemed small but it was really filling. Everything was superb! At PHP 700 per set it was super worth it.

See you next year tita cucu!