After a night at the east hotel, we packed our bag (yes just 1) and moved our brood to the Parklane Hotel because it was closer to everything we wanted in Hongkong.

The staff were courteous and helpful, the lobby was ultra modern and the elevators will make you feel like you’re in some kind of studio 🙂

As soon as you step out of the elevator to the floor where the rooms are and when you open that door, I felt like I was transported to 1990s all over again. Truly the most anti climactic hotel experience. Or I wasn’t sure perhaps I came with very high expectations.

The interiors, curtains, fixtures seem really old and tired. The worst part for me was the tub. I got excited for the kids but as soon as I saw the tub, there was no way I would let my kids bathe there.

The only thing that I appreciated about this hotel was its location. I mean you’ve got IKEA right next door, a 24 hours wellcome a few steps away and basically the heart of causeway bay within walking distance.