Halal Dimsum and Halal Duck plus ice cold Coke are good enough reasons for us to fly from Manila all the way to Hongkong.

Most people go to Hongkong for shopping we go here just for food.

For brunch, we would go to the Islamic Center Canteen in Ooi Kwan Road behind Charterhouse Hotel to have our fill of halal Dimsum.

For late lunch, we would go to the Bowrington Market food choices on the second floor. Lucky for us, it’s only a few meters walk from the Islamic Center Canteen.

Here, we would feast on halal roast duck and mutton curry plus ice cold Coke and we would be in heaven.

Eating here is definitely not for the Lysol and alcogel loving neat freaks because this play is shabby and dirty 🙂 it’s in a market so there really shouldn’t be any surprise there.

We would the go around the Bowrington Market and scout for fresh fruits. If cherries are in season, then you know where the shopping money will go.

Being in Hongkong is the only time we wish our tummies were a whole lot bigger  🙂