When I was still in UP, the East area would always be “the place to be” for weekend binge drinking. Not that I did that often but in the few times that I did, it has always been somewhere in Rizal.

From our place, considering traffic, going East would take us 2 hours. Our destination was Tanay. Going there was somewhat going to Baguio with zigzags and a few dangerous curves here and there.

What I liked about it was that a couple of hours drive and you get to be away from the maddening noise of the city and that’s always a welcome treat for the kids.

Our first destination was the Lyger Zoo. If you have kids, this is definitely worth a weekend drive.

By the entrance, there are albino water buffalo, chinese chicken, wild boar, some monkeys but my favorite of all was the camel. Yes a camel right in the middle of nowhere hahaha. You can feed the camel for only 20 bucks.

The place is just small and it’s not crowded at all. The PHP 200 entrance already includes a guide. There’s an ostrich that you can feed, plenty of parrots, reindeer, snakes, iguanas, crocodiles, ponies, lions, tigers and the star of them all, the ligers.

Ligers are humungous and fascinating creatures. Because of their size, they cannot survive in the wild because they cannot chase their preys. The kids had a really great time.

We also thought of going up the Pililia Wind Farm but it was getting too hot and we thought the kids wouldnt be as engaged anyways so we scrapped that.

We instead went to Bulawan Floating Restaurant which was very near Lyger.

Bulawan is actually not floating but it is surrounded by the fish pond. The beauty about this restaurant is that you can go fishing while waiting for your order . You can either buy what you caught or just leave it there 🙂

Our little girl caught a big tilapia! You can imagine the excitement this brought the kids. They caught around 6 tilapias.

The food was really nice too. We had deep fried dalag, sinigang na kandule and kinilaw na ampalaya. We also had a pitcher of fresh buko juice.

After lunch, we drove to Daranak Falls which was relatively near about 20 minutes. As expected, the place was really crowded. Not ideal at all for families who are bringing kids. We would skip this if we ever come back to Tanay.

Overall a great weekend spent with the kids 🙂