My first encounter with FVR was when I was in third year college at my Dad’s oathtaking for a Civil Service post.

That oathtaking was a bit funny for me because there’s a  mass oathtaking and then afterwards, every oath taker will be asked to go on stage with the family. Then they will re-enact the oathtaking for photo  ops only.

Every single time that FVR would raise a hand for the re-enactment, he would crack a joke. Not the masculine profanity laden jokes that PDiggy is known for but funny corny daddy/grandpa kinda joke.

Was happy to see FVR again on his 89th birthday. It felt like 1990s all over again seeing Magsaysay, Claudio, etc in the crowd of well wishers.

His sense of humor was in tact. Prior to blowing his cake, he raised a bejewelled shoe. He was followed by a barefoot Ming Ramos. He then said, Ming took off her shoes sa tagal ng byahe 🙂

When we asked him for a photo, he happily obliged then he handed us what looked like a newsletter and he said chismis! Hahaha

What a class act!