Taytay has been a weekend destination for me whenever some retail therapy is in order.

This place is way better than Divisoria when garments are concerned. Their clothes are dirt cheap plus it’s mostly made here. I say mostly because I occassionally see some China stuff in some stalls.

It’s a labyrinth of stalls selling their own creations from shorts to blouses, dresses even beddings.

They also have food stalls and pet stalls. I got 2 betta fish here for PHP 50 each 🙂

I had the mistake of going here before noon and yes it was burning hot.

I went with my little girl who was in awe of all the stalls in the area. After a couple of  hours wandering about, we decided to have lunch at the nearby Bahay Kawayan.

Bahay Kawayan is a Taytay food institution. Locals go here for good old home cooked meals.

We had fresh ripe mango shake to cool is down from all that walking. We wanted something light so we just ordered sinigang sa miso na dalag. Anything dalag is a winner in my book. I was intrigued by the inihaw na beef ribs so we ordered that too. It was okay buy it was really not inihaw. It tasted more like adobo or ribs in toyo. My husband ordered tortang talong but it had pork when they served it so we had to cancel.

If not for the horrendous traffic, this place could have been a go to weekend lunch place.