I have zero ounce of craftiness in my body so I wasn’t exactly sure what my motivation was when I enrolled in Craft Mnl’s dollmaking workshop πŸ˜‚ but I did anyways sooooo..

In any case me and my officemate signed up for yesterday’s workshop. I was half an hour late because my husband took one wrong turn so instead of heading south, we headed north!

Anyhow, the workshop was at Pamana at the back of New World Hotel. The lady behind Dolldolita dolls was the one patiently teaching us the step by step to doll making.

She quit her day job like a week ago to be a full time doll maker. Wow.

What she thought us was basically a shortcut to doll making because all we had to do was stuff and sew. I am making it sound easy obviously but in reality, it was hard work especially for someone who doesnt know anything about sewing πŸ˜‚

The workshop was from 2 to 5 (yes it takes that long to stuff and sew) . Our teacher is contemplating on having a 2 day workshop on making a doll from scratch. That would be interesting.

There were about a dozen of us in the class, mostly mothers. Thankfully I got to “finish” my doll when almost everyone had left hahaha.

With what I went through, i feel her PHP 1,500 dolls are cheap with the amount of love, effort and pricked fingers that went with every single hand made doll πŸ˜…