I skipped work a few days ago. With nothing better to do, we brought the kids to Uptown to try Tim Horton’s. I thought there wouldn’t be any more lines as it was practically a dead hour but I was wrong. The place was still crowded and still had a line but manageable, thankfully.

The price was pleasantly affordable but most of what we wanted to try were already out of stock.

In the end, we got two sandwiches: the grilled cheese and also the mozzarella that already included iced coffee, hot chocolate and got a dozen of original timbits.

The sandwiches were huge, in fact I didn’t finish mine and they were pretty good too. The real winner during our visit was the original timbits that weren’t too sweet with a distinct nutmeg flavor.

When the long lines are gone, I would loke to try their iced capp and assorted timbits 🙂