I have been looking for a cheap ass blender that can crush ice so I can make my own shake at home.

My officemate recommended an Oster personal blender which was perfect because it fits in our cramped kitchen.

I checked it out in Lazada, which had been my go to place if I want to buy something at a cheaper price 🙂

Unfortunately, the price was beyond what I was willing to pay.  I was only willing to pay PHP 1,000 because I have a feeling that  I would only have a fleeting craving for shakes/smoothies.

Fortunately, Lazada recommended an alternative which was half my budget and ordered it right away!

Shake and Take’s size was perfect. My only beef about it is that I need to press the button until I’m satisfied with all that blending AND I cannot press for more than 20 seconds because it might overheat.

Nevertheless, it works wonders for the price. I have made several smoothies as well as milk and chocolate shake for the kids.

Making smoothies is super easy. I didnt follow any recipe. I just dumped whatever combination of vegetables and fruits I want. I then poured some apple or pineapple juice and voila! Healthy and refreshing smoothie.