My son and daughter were watching an episode of Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdome last night where the elves and fairies were celebrating Father’s Day.

My son asked me how many sleeps is Father’s Day and I told him, a lot!

He then got his colored paper and pen and started making a card. When he was finished with his Father’s Day card, he made another one for Mother’s Day and then for BAby’s Day (for his little sister).

He handed the cards to us with a hug, a kiss and an i love you and we all basically melted ❤️️

After, he made cards for his friends and crush in school. Thoughtful little boy. I love you my son!

I asked my husband to keep our family cards so he folded them and put them in his pocket. My 3 year old daughter saw what her dad did and cried because she said his dad will destroy the card hahaha my kids are the cutest!