I read several ideas on celebrating New Year with kids and the one that really caught my attention was interviewing the kids on New Year’s Eve.

I thought it was fun to capture our kids’ favorites for the year that was. I bookmarked several creative templates and planned to print them before we checked in our hotel for New Year’s Eve but  I forgot to have them printed 😂

So I just thought of using the hotel’s paper to remind them of where we stayed and just wrote questions that came to mind.

I did it first my 6 year old boy. He was very serious in answering and even added a couple of questions.

After my little boy, it was my little girl’s turn. She got really excited and really thought through her answers.

At the end of each interview session, I asked them to trace their hand on their respective interview sheets. When they were done tracing, they had fun drawing faces on the fingers.

I then read to them their answers and had a good laugh. Happy New Year!