Macaroni Salad always brings me back to ny good old childhood days back in Cotabato. It was a staple whenever the family was celebrating along with caldereta and empanada. The macaroni salad that I have come to love had fruit cocktail and believe it or not,  cheese cubes! I would always have it for dessert and was a fitting end of a glorious feast lovingly prepared by our parents.

When we lost our parents, our celebration soread quickly turned into take outs. Good food still but missing the love and warmth that went with every dish my parents prepared.

Many years ago, I forced my husband to prepare macaroni salad on New Year’s Eve. He truly detests it but complied anyway. The salad was horrible! Hahahaha We never had macaroni salad after that.

Until one day when a parent brought macaroni salad at my son’s year end potluck party. It inspired me to make my own macaroni salad that my husband and kids will be happy to eat.

I used elbow macaroni, japanese mayonnaise, cubed green apples, smashed walnuts, dried cranberries and chicken fillet. Yummmm and it tasted even better when chilled. img_0236