When my son was still 2 or so years old, I bought him a little snowman finger puppet book. It was just a few pages but what he loved was when the snowman “chatted” with him and asked him how his day was and wished him a good night’s sleep.

In the course of moving our stuff, we somehow lost tracked of Mr Snowman… until last night. My son excitedly asked me to guess who showed up that day and pressed Mr Snowman right up my nose!

He then declared that today is Mr Snowman’s birthday and he started wrapping “gifts” for his beloved book complete with cute snowman tags that he drew himself.

To celebrate, I went to Bread Talk to get cute snowman bread. I saw those while in the grocery the other day. It had a nice orange ribbon, covered with white chocolate and stuffed with dark chocolate with dark chocolate hat.

When I went there during lunch today though, they still didn’t have any snowman ready. Their baker saw how disappointed I was so she offered to make three in advance!

Thank you for the extraordinary accommodation Bread Talk Landmark!!!  You have made a mom look awesome to two snowman loving kids 🙂 ☃️⛄️☃️⛄️

Happy birthday Mr Snowman!