Panic shopping is always reserved on the last day. We only wanted to fill our luggages with Korean food so we headed to the Lotte Mart Outlet at the Seoul station.

Before shopping, we had our last Korean meal at the Lotte Mart foodcourt. The ordering was an experience in itself. First you need to decide what youre going to order from a huge electric billboard. Fortunately, there’s english description. My sister took photos of the ones we wanted to order and showed them to the cashier. The cashier then handed out a receipt with the stall  number and our priority  number. We then went to the different stalls and waited for the priority number to be flashed and claimed our order.

After lunch, we walked around Uniqlo and Muji for a bit before proceeding to the grocery.

At the grocery, We got 10 pack assorted lays chips for over a hundred pesos, 2 dozen pack of salted seaweed for about 300, the usual choco pie, korean sweet potatoes 🍠, condiments , chocolate yakult and some more korean snacks.

Lotte Mart has boxes and other packing materials that are super convenient for tourists.

We tried to pack  it well unfortunately, the box didn’t make it in one piece in Manila 😩

Instead of the taking the airport bus, the concierge advised us to just take car rental as traffic might be bad and we might be late from all the stops the bus had to take.

And that was that. We bid Seoul adieu but we hope to be back in winter Insha Allah 😄