The best meal we have had in Seoul was at Noryangjin Fish Market. We went there dinner time and the kids had so much fun looking even touching some of the Korea’s fresh seafood bounty.

There were a hundred or so fish stalls and a handful of eateries who can cook the stuff that you bought straight from the market.

Since we did not plan on shopping, our one big splurge was spent here and it was worth every single won, calories, uric acid, etc 🙂

We got flounder sushi 🍣 which our little girl loved. We also got grilled shrimp 🍤 for our little boy. It was served on a hot small-wok like container with a mountain of salt. We also ordered soup 🍜 because it was cold. The highlight of that dinner was a giant king crab 🦀 no less.

The cook just steamed the whole thing and was served just like that, no sauces , nothing. It was just pure steamed king crab in all its freshness and glory. I was savoring every bite.

The cook and the servers speak zero english so the people at the tables beside us readily helped.

The table on the left were occupied by two elderly couple. Seeing that we were having difficulty cutting the king crab’s giant claws, she stood up and demonstrated how it’s done. She was also smitten by our little girl so she gave us mini oranges 🍊 to share:)

The table behind us on the other hand were occupied by 2 guys out on a drinking spree. They were also smitten by the kids and so they kept on handing them grilled shrimp 🍤

Best. Dinner. Ever.

After Noryangjin, we headed back to Dongdaemun and decided to do a bit more walking around Zaha Hadid’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza.