The boys opted to stay in the hotel because one was suffering from severe gout and the other discovered bart simpson.

Us girls went ahead to explore N Seoul Tower and Myeongdong.

Getting to N Seoul Tower from Myeongdong took us to a hilly hipster area. All the veins in my legs probably were screaming torture that day. It was ine of the most gruelling walks from this trip.

There was a long line for the cable car going up and we couldn’t find the shuttle bus and so we took the taxi and oh my gosh that was the worst decision ever because we ended up walking uphill ! Lesson learned: next time just line up.

Anyway, the view at the top was fascinating. We got there sunset so we were able to have a panoramic view of Seoul amidst the yellows,greens, reds of autumn 🍂

My daughter enjoyed the lovelocks so much. She would choose small blue ones for her.

Going down, we rode the cable car and was geeked out by the Namsan Oreumi, an inclined outdoor glass elevator.

We later walked and blended in with the Myeongdong crowd. Myeongdong was a lovely chaos filled with carts of Korean favorites such as gyeranpang, tteokbokki, fishcake, etc.

There were lots of Korean cosmetics too but the food carts beckoned.