I tagged my sister along for our family’s little adventure in Seoul because she has a love affair with anything Korean plus she’s been to Korea several times.

The beauty of having my sister with us is that she and I can go out super early in the morning to explore places I wanted to explore but will most probably bore the kids, while the kids and their pops are still asleep.

Our first morning adventure took us to Pyoung Hwa Clothing Market. I have read so much good stuff about this olace unfortunately, it kinda disappointed me. I only bought a few Korean souveneirs here.

After an uneventful walkabout at the market, my sister and I set out to look for the famed grilled fish market.

It took us half an hour to find it. Good thing I had a screenshot in my phone that we showed to some vendors because most of the walking directions I found on the net are quite hard to follow.

The grilled fish stalls are on the opposite side of the Pyoung Hwa Market near the sewing materials and flower area. It’s just a short strip of maybe 10 or so restaurants.

I enjoyed this breakfast a lot. Fresh and perfectly grilled served with piping hot soup  🍜

After breakfast, we took our time walking around Dongdaemun.