Namdaemun was another early morning escapade. I had more luck buying here than in Dongdaemun. I found nice tops and dress for PHP 200 each . I also got macadamia nuts and dried squid πŸ™.

What I liked most was the secret udon noodle 🍜 place. It’s tucked in one of namdaemun’s alleys with a kind of dirty market vibe. Towering banchans beckon hungry diners and each stall made do with cramped space to make the delicious no fuss udon. Beware though, for those suffering from gout, while the noodle soup seem harmless, the broth may trigger an unbearable gout attack which unfortunatey happened to my husband πŸ˜… I’m pretty sure though that the udon was worth it πŸ˜‹