We wanted to avoid the weekend theme park crowd so we went to Everland the morning after our arrival.

Getting to Everland was an adventure in itself. We had a rush subway breakfast of kimbap and fish cake. The previous night, I already had the fishcake but for bfast wanted to try the chili one thus the face 😤

We also discovered that Jamsil and Jamsillaru are two different stations 😜

The bus going to Everland near the exit of the Jamsil Station is in the middle of the road. You’ll know when you’re there when you see the huge Lotte World Mall.


Everland was huuuggeeeeee! We only focused on Zootopia and Panda World and it was super duper worth it. The kids had fun with all the animal encounter and my son was also able to ride his first theme park ride with his pops. Husband wanted us to try the T Express but I was too chicken to try it out. We could have done away with the parade but oh well.

We bought pur ticket in advance at klook.com . It was discounted and we didn’t have to line up.

All in all, Everland was a blast!