When we went to Japan, we found an orange scented soap-like packet in the toiletry kit of the hotel.

We took this home and one day, packed it in my husband’s toiletry kit as emergency soap. When he used it he said it was too rough and then he realized it was not soap but a bath bomb/fizz!

While browsing through ny favorite how to’s in youtube, I was fascinated by how easy making a bath bomb looked.

I was too lazy to order citric acid online so I just used the recipe that didn’t require for one. I basically just mixed baking soda, cream of tartar, my favorite olive essential oil and food color.

While mixing just spray a bit of water until the mixture feels sandy.

Transfer it to a silicon mold of choice and let it dry for 24 hours and that’s it. I used a cute Lego mini fig mold and a patterned ice cube tray.

Our house doesn’t have a bath tub so what I do is just drop it on the pail and also on the bowl for fresh smelling bathroom.

When it cooled, the kids and I had fun dropping it in the water to look at the fizz.