Every Wednesday and Friday night all the way till noon of Saturday, the 3rd level of the Pasig Mega Market is transformed into a beehive of activities. Sewers from Taytay and shoemakers from Marikina and even Liliw sell their handmade items to keen wholesalers or even individuals like me who are always on the prowl for bargains.

I used to brave Wednesday nights or even Friday nights for this,  because it truly is worth it 🙂 Lately, i just go very early Saturday as it is much cooler and the crowds are still quite manageable.

Speaking of crowds, this market is exclusively for those who dont mind roughing it up, if you know what I mean. As the place gets crowded, there’s a 99% chance you are gonna bump into someone super sweaty. Like my sister who had her cheek wet because he bumped into a hairy sweaty big guy. Needless to say, she stopped going with me after that.

I go here to buy bedsheets. Our houseld needs 1 queen and 2 double fitted sheets, 12 pillow cases and 1 hotdog pillowcase and I get that set for less than PHP 2k.

I also buy my children’s undies and socks here. They’re mostly at 3 for PHP 50.

There’s also a stall that sell knock off Legos and Shopkins that has updated stocks of characters. Today, I just got my kids poke balls with pokemons inside.

They also have cheap pajama sets for kids that are mostly under PHP 200.

For the husband, there’s a stall that sells overrun polo shirts mostly Ping brand for only PHP 100.

For me, I get dresses if they are less than 200 and blouses if they are a hundred and below.

There are other stuff too like branded overruns, leggings, workout clothes, etc.

Here are some tips if you are going there for the first time:

1. If you are driving, you can park in front of Jollibee so you can wash your hands, have a cold drink and go banyo before heading home.

2. Wear super comfortable clothes and flip flops because it can be very hot inside.

3. Bring an extra big shopping bag because you are truly bound to buy excessively.

4. Do not wear any jewelry or accessory. Just bring a phone and a wallet. If you have a bag, place your wallet and phone in the interior pocket and zip it.

5. Have 500 or 1000 ready in your pocket so you wont have to keep on opening your wallet for the world to see. This is also good to keep track of your budget.

6. Haggle, don’t be shy but only if you are buying a lot. Do not haggle to the point of insulting the seller. Seriously, 100 for a nice top is already sooo darn cheap.

7. If you are interested to resell their items, the sellers are willing to give out their phone numbers or sometimes even facebook pages.

8. For those buying bedsheets, they can make extra pillowcases and send them to you or you can come back and pick it up the following week in case they ran out of stock.

9. Last but not least, and this is something I learned today, never ever go there a day after payday. Seriously. You’ll really get that giddy feeling that you can buy everything.  🤑🤑🤑 So do yourself a favor and just go there maybe a week Before payday. That’s when you are on your haggling best.