This week’s bloom is a product of an unproductive morning. First, I surveyed the flower market of Pasig Market. While the flowers were relatively cheaper, they didnt have that much variety. They only had local roses, mums, lilies and gerberas.

So I proceeded to the Market Market flower stalls. For some reason, I was just aimlessly walking around pestering the flower girls with my questions and ended up buying mismatched flowers.

At first, I was planning to do all greens with succulents, berries and foliage. So I bought the berries. And then I saw the calla lilies and thought I’d just buy a bunch of them and stick it in the vase.

When I was about to leave, i saw pretty lotus buds but I couldnt buy it because I will already exceed my weekly flower budget.

In any case, I was happy that we finally found a use for my husband’s grandmother’s vase.