A go to lunch place for my husband and I. We always order the shake lunch set.

The set starts off with cabbage salad with soy and I dont know maybe lime or yuzu dressing. They follow it up with an addictive spicy raw tuna with tempura crumbs. There’s a side dish that is also being served, sometimes it’s chopsuey,  other times it’s squid. Then the perfectly grilled generous serving of salmon is served with piping hot steamed rice and a bowl of miso. That hearty lunch is capped off with ice cold coffee.

It’s really no wonder that This place gets really crowded at lunch time so best to go earlier if not, just opt for the smoking area. They always have a table or two available.

Don’t expect much , service wise though. The attendants can be quite grumpy and it takes a while to follow up something.

There are other known places in Little Tokyo too but we always end up here. For an excellent lunch set at PHP 250, the choice really is a no brainer.