img_6396I have made early Saturday morning a flower market day with my 2 kids.

I thought that Market Market would not be too chaotic in the morning but I was wrong! There were about a hundred people at 730 in the morning waiting for the mall to open.

The kids and I were hungry so we decided to eat first and brave the crowd at McDonalds to line up for their favorite cheesy eggdesal and hot choco.

The kids were weirded out when we had to share a table with a lady stranger.

After the gruelling breakfast, we made two rounds at the flower market and finally decided to go tropical this week.

I was initially looking at hydrangeas again but I didnt want to do that whole soaking exercise everyday. I then considered chrysanthemums. There was bright pink and bright orange it almost looked like it was soaked in stabilo.

I ended up with two heliconias and a bunch of aralias. I had the flower lady cut the heliconias and just estimated how tall my vase is.

So far, this is the cheapest arrangement I made since I decided to put fresh flowers on the table every week. For a couple of heliconias and a bunch of leaves, I only had to pay PHP 150 🙂