Back in Mindanao,  sandwich to me was Lady’s Choice Sandwich Spread and Tasty Bread or Cream Bread as we call it in the province. I was forced to eat it because our school canteen had very little choice. I truly never became a fan.

It was only when I went to college in Manila that I got introduced to different kinds of breads and sandwiches. A lot of my friends took Subway for granted, but in my college days, their tuna was always a treat!

It was just last year that I got introduced to the most wonderful sandwich that is banh mi. This one was from Bon Banh Mi. They had a nice little stall somewhere in San Antonio Makati but we would always call them up to deliver. Thankfully, they have opened a stall in Landmark.

If you look at the meats on display, you’d think twice of getting because they all look bland and dry. But when they start to throw in the sauce and veggies and stuff them into their freshly baked baguette…. mind.blown.

Even my 6 year old likes it.