For an officemate’s birthday lunch, we tried a new restaurant just a few steps away from our office.

I have been passing by this place for quite some time but never intended to go inside because from the outside, it looked uninviting. When I stepped in however, the place looked modern and cozy.

I have opted for the Sirloin Steak and smores. The rootbeer float that my officemates ordered looked nice too but I already have smores so maybe next time.

My steak was tender and cooked the way I liked with butter on top. The lemon juice on my steak was truly a revelation. From now on, it’s salt, butter plus lemon on my steak 😋😋😋🍋🍋🍋

The first bite of the smores was heavenly. Just watch out because the bite can be quite embarrassing as the melted marshmallows tend to stick to the mouth. Two grahams was more than enough as more bites can be overpoweringly sweet.

The price is not too bad either. My sirloin was less than PHP and the smores was about a hundred.