In the past, our little girl would just tag along his Kuya’s school field trips. This Prado Farm outing was the first field trip of the kids as schoolmates.

It is about an hour and a half drive from Manila. The farm itself is about a hectare so it’s nearly impossible for the kids to get bored here.

There’s a kiddie play area with wooden toys right by the entrance as well as a small makeshift pond where the kids can go fishing.

There are bikes that you can use freely and so much space to bike around. There’s a mini farm animal petting area. The kids liked feeding the ducks and got super excited when they saw eggs on the nest 🐥🐥🐥

The school also arranged several activities for the kids but my son was more interested taking a long dip at the chlorine-free pool.

My daughter on the other hand dozed off at the sleeping area. She got exhausted running around.

There are recycled art pieces all around for appreciation and of course for photo taking.

Plus they serve good food too!