Commonwealth holds a special place in my heart. For four years back in the mid 90s, me and my block mates would risk our lives braving that highway with raging jeepneys and  buses driving like there was no tomorrow. In fact one summer, one batchmate unfortunately lost her life while crossing the deadly Commonwealth highway. (Bless her soul 🙏🏻👼🏻)

These days, students at UP-AIT not only can cross the street in style thanks to an overpass but also are spoilt for dining choices with UP Technohub.

Today I had an opportunity to be back to accompany my husband to a very early Sunday morning meeting. Last time I went here was 6 years ago and nothing much has changed 🙂

We brought the kids and their Lolo along because the plan was to go back to Landers after the meeting to try the hotdogs once again 🌭🌭🌭😋😋😋😅😅😅

The breakfast place was at Cafe Breton, a personal favorite. The husband and the Lolo are not big fans.

I love love love their crepes and whenever I  am within the vicinity of any of their branches, it has been difficult restraining myself from going inside .

Galette Marrakech (SpicyMoroccan Beef Sausage with egg, carameized onions and tomatoes for me)
Egg Casserole (2 eggs in cream with Gruyere, spinach and mushroom for the kids. The little girl loved it, the little boy not so much. He finished my sunny side up)
My own favorite creation. Crepe with Nutella + almond slivers. The little girl loves this too!

As we were dining, the kids saw ducks outside and immediately ran to them after breakfast.