Uptown in BGC is turning out to be quite the family weekend destination with more stores and restaurants opening their doors to bored mommas like me.

One of which is Harry’s. I haven’t heard of Harry’s before this but the poster said it’s Australian and after our trip to Sydney last year, anything Australian excites me so in we went.

Apparently, they already have a branch in Nuvali since last year.

The Uptown branch we went to was still in their soft opening.

A few google searches and the blogs tell me Harry’s has been around for 7 decades. That’s a long hotdogs and pies history.

Their food truck heritage is preserved in their store’s visuals. This branch in Uptown has a fast food/diner vibe.

I got excited to see that their hotdogs sheep skin casing but when I asked what’s inside, they said beef and pork! Sigh , why did they have to put pork.

Though I’m not a huge fan of meat pies, I ordered their bestseller , soup and some fish and chips. The serving looks small but they’re actually quite filling.