I have been meaning to get hair color but two things always get in the way:

1. Time- the waiting time at salons is just crazy! With 2 kids and without a househelp, I cannot afford to be away from home for over 3 hours or I’ll drive my husband crazy

2. Money – the first time I had my hair colored was many many many years ago when I was still single and everyone were into the makeover thing. I went to a salon called Razzle Dazzle by Louis Philip Kee. I wasn’t the girly girl type who frequents the salon so imagine my shock when I got handed an almost PHP 10,000 bill for hair cut and color! And so I stayed out of hair color for so long and my wallet is happy 🙂

I’m nearing my 40’s soooo white hair is inevitable and so is that hair color.

At lunch during work days, we would always pass by the L’oreal booth just below the escalators with a long line of women having their hair colored for free just buying the product. Imagine, PHP 399 vs PHP 3,000 or in my case vs PHP 10,000! But then I didn’t want everyone from the office see me having my hair colored.

Good thing my sister told me about the L’oreal booth at SM Makati. It was perfect! It was far from the office and the booth was a bit hidden.

The whole thing takes about two hours but be sure to be there early. I went to the mall when it opened and I was already the second in line.

Being reading material as the waiting time can be real boring unless you don’t mind going around the department store with a cellophane on your head and a towel on your shoulder.

The booth will be there until end of the year.

Those who were there when I went are already regulars. I guess L’oreal has just amassed loyal customers by simply putting up this thing.

Who knows perhaps I’ll also be one of the regulars here.

Overall, good value for stingy mommas like me 🙂

The L’oreal Hair Color Makeover Booth at SM Makati
Makeshift runway with ghost chairs serve as waiting area
Hair color expert doing her thing. She also recommends color that will suit you
Behind that black velvet curtain is where they rinse your hair
Plus, you can also charge your phone while waiting!