I became a Mom when I was 32 and again, when I was 35. Since then, I have been anything but bored.

With 2 hyperactive toddlers, a full time corporate job and household without a househelp,  life just become a whirlwind of activities.

While days go by in a flurry, there’s some sort of robotic monotony. School days are all about a test of patience what with  the morning struggle of waking the kids up, bathing them, feeding them and the dreaded freaking out in between. Family days are mostly spent cleaning up the house, doing the groceries and if we still have the energy , we do something for the kids , like maybe catch a movie.

I have always been restless and would always want to do something new but this whole mom business changed me. I welcome my own Groundhog Day every single day. No matter how boring it seems, or how monotonous it has become, every single day believe it or not is a surprise.

One minute I feel extremely frustrated and then I hear my kids say something so simple as  “thanks mom for the shampoo” and then I feel like I’m the greatest woman in the world.

This blog is a chronicle for my kids so they’ll know what it’s like growing up with a not so bored momma 🙂